About Us

We have been in business since 1995 and developed a reputation as a premier and reliable full service telecommunication and prepaid solutions provider. Jolt Mobile is full GSM cellphone service with direct dial International calling, FCC licensed and directly interconnected with over 40 premium PTT's & carriers worldwide. At Jolt Mobile, we strive to offer our dealers and customer the most cutting edge solutions for international calling and other prepaid services, with the best possible quality at the most affordable rates.

For retailers, Jolt Mobile is the best source to purchase prepaid products and services for instant resale to the customers. Mobile-net is a unique full service provider to support and ensure your success on the prepaid market. We are offering the most popular and needed prepaid products available on the market today.

Our "BYOD" Program allows you to use your current phone with any of our service plans. We offer a free SIM card for your GSM phone with any of our plans.

Keep your AT&T or T-Mobile phone (850/1900 MHz GSM phones, 3G or newer) and save money with our plans.
Live Support • No Contracts
• Upgrade Anytime