Important Notice:
2G Network Shutdown end of 2016
Just a reminder that the 2G network is shutting down end of 2016. Any customer using a 2G device will not be able to use the service come January 1st 2017. There will be no refund on airtime. The accounts will stay active until it expires and then cancel. If the customers phone is not working come January 1st 2017 then it would be due to customer using a 2G device. All the customer has to do is upgrade to a 3G/4G/LTE device and continue service. We are sending out messages to all customers that AT&T has detected on still using 2G devices.

APN for our IoT SIM cards is 19004.mcs
Consult with your device manufacturers manual on how to setup the APN on your device in order to be able to connect to the cellular network to use Data/GPRS

What is JOLT Mobile?
JOLT Mobile is an easy alternative to higher priced and restrictive wireless services. There are no hidden fees and you have the power to pay-as-you-go. Call now with amazing rates to domestic and international destinations!

Is there a contract?
There is no contact or limits on usage. Talk all you like and when your balance is low, simply recharge your account by login into MyAccount or by contacting our Customer Care Center at 1-888-833-3110.

What is the price per minute?
It’s simple. You decide the price per minute! You can spend as much or little as you want and only when you need it. JOLT Mobile offers you the ability to make calls almost anywhere in the world.

Where can I go to purchase more minutes?
Just log into MyAccount to purchase more minutes online or dial 1-888-833-3110 for our Customer Care Representative who will be happy to assist you with your needs. Remember, you can always stop by one of our authorized resellers for assistance.

Are local numbers available in my area?
JOLT Mobile will provide you with a local number almost anywhere there’s network coverage. Just enter your address, city, state and ZIP code at the top of our interactive coverage map to view the network coverage in your area.

Can I get service with JOLT Mobile if a number is not offered in my area?
When activating your phone instantly online, or by phone. If a local number is not available in the area code and city you choose, you may enter another city nearest to you.The JOLT Mobile phone will then be activated with a number local to that area code and city. Since there are no roaming or long distance fees you have nothing to worry about. However, people that call you could possibly incur long distance charges. Also, you may incur long distance charges for accessing your JOLT Mobile voice mailbox from a landline phone.

Are there additional charges for long distance calling?
JOLT Mobile doesn’t believe that you should be charged just to stay in touch with your family and friends around the country.That’s why you’ll never be charged additional fees to make calls to anywhere in the United States.

Are there additional charges for roaming anywhere I travel in the United States?
A mobile phone should be…well, mobile. With JOLT Mobile you’ll never be charged for being mobile. You are free to make and receive calls anywhere on the JOLT Mobile Nationwide Network with no extra charges. For a network coverage map click here.

How long do I have to use my airtime?
Airtime is good for 90 to 150 days after the reload, based on the reload value. To extend your expiration simply reload airtime before current expiration period on your account. All your airtime will then carry over to the new expiration date.

How will I know how much time I have left on my account?
As a JOLT Mobile customer, you have the following five tools to help assist you in managing your account balance: On Demand USSD Message: Dial *777# at any time to receive a free USSD message showing you your current balance. Low Balance Message: Once your account reaches $2.00 or less, starting with the next outgoing call you make, you will receive an audio message reminding you to reload. This message plays on the first outgoing call you make each day (Midnight – 11:59 p.m.) that your balance is at or below $2.00.
Near Expiration Message: When your airtime is within 3 days of expiring, you will receive an audio message reminding you to replenish.
Low Balance Tone: When your account does not have enough value to continue an existing call, you will hear a reminder tone 30 seconds before your airtime runs out, at which time the call will be terminated.

Is it possible to check how much data I used?
From your phone dial *777*1# Send and it will be displayed on your screen.

What phones are compatible with JOLT Mobile?
OUR service works with any GSM phone. If your carrier is T-Mobile or AT&T then you may use an unlocked GSM phone.
If you have any other carrier then you must use an unlocked GSM phone.

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